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ahg TOWER PLUS Sight Raiser Block Set (27-38mm)

ahg TOWER PLUS Sight Raiser Block Set (27-38mm)

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ahg TOWER PLUS Sight Raiser Block Set (27-38mm)

  • The robust two-sided toothed profile of the prism block TOWER allows a simple and sturdy adjustment in 8 stages without spacers and discs. This offers many advantages especially when in the standing or kneeling position. Head movement when aiming is reduced to a minimum reducing neck and back tension
  • The base height is 27 mm and can be raised to a maximum of 38mm in 1.5mm increments
  • Bridging the loading platform additionally stabilizes the action and shooting vibrations are reduced, and this improves shooting performance
  • Due to the long rail of the TOWER, the rear sight can be moved closer to the eye, which is an advantage for benchrest shooters
  • The TOWER is clamped onto the rifle’s prism with spring-borne clips
  • The rear sight rail is 165 mm long and allows attaching sight equipment and accessories
  • Weight: 200g
  • Suitable for all Anschütz smallbore rifles

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