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Anschutz 9015 PRECISE II Air Rifle

Anschutz 9015 PRECISE II Air Rifle

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Anschutz 9015 PRECISE II Compressed Air Rifle

The high-strength aluminum stock milled from solid material with slim and large radii on the fore-end is suitable for all hand sizes. The wedge shape in the longitudinal axis of the shaft was calculated using complex analysis programs. This achieves optimal vibration behavior, stability and shooting precision. The pistol grip can be pivoted, rotated and adjusted longitudinally to 5 positions. A continuous, millimeter-precise scaling on the cheek piece adjustment, the height adjustment, the grip adjustment and the fore-end rule out confusion of the different parameters caused by the firing position and offers an optimal, repeatable repositioning of the settings and accessories. These are just a few features of the ANSCHÜTZ Precise stock.

9015 Barrelled Action

  • New maintenance-free stabilizerMAX
  • Revolutionary firing pin and valve system for even smoother ready to fire
  • Optimised flow behaviour
  • Recoil and vibration-free compressed air rifle barreled action
  • Extremely short locktime
  • Extremely finely adjustable match trigger with axial ball bearings
  • Optimised process of cocking
  • Special concept for dry firing and securing
  • Air filter against impurities
  • Sight set 6834, 10 clicks / per rotation incl. front sight CENTRA M18

Trigger - 5065 4K

ANSCHÜTZ match triggers have always set standards in quality, reliability and precision. With the newly developed, patented Trigger 5065 4K ANSCHÜTZ presents to the top sports a mechanical trigger, which surpasses all previous ANSCHÜTZ triggers. You could probably say it is the world's best mechanical trigger

The patented trigger 5065 4K impresses with its unprecedented extremely short release time. The axial ball bearing (4K = 4 balls, marked yellow) of the trigger lever guarantees an absolutely backlash-free bearing of the trigger blade. The resulting harmonious and evenly running first stage travel leaves nothing to be desired. The very clear contrast when reaching the pressure point gives the shooter a very precise contact with the shot

Aluminium Precise Stock

With the ANSCHÜTZ Precise air rifle stock, the buttstock can be separated from the fore-end in just a few steps. This makes it possible to change the buttstock without any problems and with repeat accuracy. The modular design allows the air rifle to be transported in a smaller case

  • The cheek piece is also suitable for rest shooters
  • The butt plate is vertically adjustable and can be moved sideways
  • The individual butt plate elements are rotatable, angle-adjustable and interchangeable

ONE Grip - Oiled Walnut

  • The grip can be infinitely rotated, swivelled and moved. This allows an optimal grip setting for every shooter.
  • The newly developed grip shape with a grooved inside allows the shooter to bring the rifle even closer to the body when in position
  • Available in right handed only
  • Sizes: small, medium and large

Calibre: .177
Weight: 4.8kg
Length: 1,100 - 1,150mm
Sight Line Length: 620 - 897mm
Stock Length: 740 - 825mm
Trigger Weight: 30 - 170g


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