About 22 Rimfire Shooting

Target Rifle South Australia supports many events for .22 rimfire rifles. These events include the use of both the heavy, specialised target rifles, as well as the lighter style, sporting rifle. Events we conduct include prone, standing and kneeling, with both a peep sight and a telescopic sight. We also support events for rimfire benchrest, and because they have become so popular over recent years, a separate page covers that event.

There are two main events for International Smallbore Target Rifle shooting and these are Prone and Three Position.


The most popular match in Australia is the prone match which is usually contested at either 20 metres or 50 metre distances.

In this event, as well as requiring good skills and concentration, you must also be capable of reading the elements such as wind and light variation as the event is shot outdoors.

The event is a 60 shot match for both men and women.

3 Position

The men’s event is a 120 shot event, which comprises 40 shots in each of the prone, kneeling and standing positions.

The women’s event is a 60 shot one, comprising only 20 shots in each of the 3 positions. The men’s rifle may weigh up to 8 kg’s, the women’s only 6 kg. In Australia men and women shoot both events.

The men’s events (prone and the 120 shot three position match) are both included in the World Championships, Commonwealth Games and Olympic Games.

Although World Championships and Commonwealth Games include competition for women in both the prone and three position events,  only the women’s three position event  is included in the Olympic Games.