About Benchrest Shooting

Rimfire Bench Rest is fast becoming very popular in South Australia.

A number of our members now participate, some competitively and some just for fun. Most clubs now have a number of solid benches.

Although you can purchase custom made bench rest rifles, our events are designed to suit the standard Prone & 3 position target rifle or the basic sporting rifle (bunny gun).

In this event, telescopic sights are used, with the rifle seated quite firmly on sandbags on a bench. All you need here, is a good eye and a nice trigger release. And the patience of a saint when you find there is more to shooting accurately than just putting a 24 power scope on your rifle.

The front rest can be a tripod with cradle to hold the rifle, although the rifle must not be clamped in place. You must be able to easily lift it clear of the rest. The rear bag must be a traditional sand bag only, no mechanical adjustment, only hand pressure is allowed on the side of the bag.

The match can be 20, 40, 50 or 60 shots, usually fired at a distance of fifty metres, with unlimited sighters.

Any firearm chambered for the .22 rimfire cartridge is legal, as are all types of bench rest supports currently in use in any of the other shooting sports. If you currently compete in any of the other rimfire shooting sports, the chances are you have the right equipment to shoot in ours.

We recognise 3 classes of rimfire rifle – class 1 weighing no more than 3.5kg with the scope and magazine, and having a 12 power scope limit; class 2 weighing no more than 4.5kg with scope and magazine and having no limit on scope power, and class 3, often a target style rifle, may weigh up to 8.0kg inclusive of the scope and magazine if any.

Rules as determined by Target Rifle Australia for Australian competitions, plus additional rules as determined by this Association (TRSA), specifically for the Class 1 Benchrest rifle can be found by clicking on the links at the top of the screen.