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ahg 5000 PRECISE Butt Plate with Hook

ahg 5000 PRECISE Butt Plate with Hook

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ahg-5000 PRECISE Butt Plate with Hook

The Precise butt plate has everything needed to go beyond the previous limits of adjustment possibilities for a butt plate. A 160mm long perforated rail with 3 drilled axes adjacent to one another ensure individual basic adjustment about the vertical axis. The 6 stop pins per row form a fitted shoulder support. The stop pins can be adjusted individually so that, independently of one another, the vertical and horizontal radii are matched to the size and shape of the shoulder. The ball-headed pins can make contact with a maximum of 12 points on the shoulder. Clamping plates screwed in at the sides fix and secure the pins in the desired position. This enables precisely repeatable positioning and optimum controllability of the rifle. The butt plate can be fitted to all current match rifles. A guide plate with integrated quick release clamp secures and fixes the height and depth adjustment of the butt without using tools. The fine adjustment permits an additional elevation correction in the shooting position. A 5-part adjustable hook, which may be fitted for smallbore and large-bore disciplines, completes the ergonomic adjustment possibilities of the butt plate. Hook butt plate complete, including hook and quick adjustment

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