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ahg Carbon Cleaning Rod, .22

ahg Carbon Cleaning Rod, .22

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ahg Carbon Cleaning Rod

This carbon cleaning rod features toughness, tensile strength, flexibility and corrosion
resistance. Damage to cartridge chamber or barrel by bending of the rod is almost

The lightweight carbon rod is inserted free of play with specially designed axial ball
bearings in the grip, therefore, friction is extremely reduced. The cleaning material
thus follows exactly the barrel’s profile.

The carbon cleaning rod is supplied in a set including brass pierce point jag for cotton patches, wool brush and feather brush for cal. .22 lr, inner thread 1/8”.

The specially designed feather brush adapts to the inner profile of the barrel, follows
its twist and eliminates cartridge and gunshot residues.

Ø 5 mm, wiping length 900 mm, for cal. .22 lr to 6.5 mm, AG 1/8”

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