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ahg Anschutz

ahg Sports Bag XXL

ahg Sports Bag XXL

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ahg Sports Bag XXL

  • Rifle shooters have a lot of gear. Getting it to the range safely in an organised fashion is always a concern
  • The super-sized XXL Sport Bag by ahg-Anschütz is designed by shooters for shooters. It has specific compartments for everything like your jacket, pants, boots, sights, and the tools that you need when you get to your firing point.
  • Each compartment is zippered with a mesh nylon so that the contents are easily visible and are shaped to fit common shooting items
  • It has extra large off-road wheels with a retractable handle to handle any terrain between the car and the shooting range
  • The base exterior is made from a high tech polymer that is both strong and light, so it won’t bend even when fully loaded and standing upright
  • The XXL Sport Bag can be picked up from any side with its many handles, and then rolls easily with the extendable handle


Width: 42mm
Height: 40mm
Length: 850mm

Volume: 160 Litres

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