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ahg Anschutz

ahg SWING Plus Sling

ahg SWING Plus Sling

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ahg SWING Plus Sling

ahg-shooting sling SWING Plus is the latest development of ahg-Anschütz  

This sling offers the following advantages:

  • Easy adjustment of length with one hand while staying in position.
  • Automatic axial adaption of the fore-end of the sling to guarantee optimum application of force while in position
  • The sling connector and sling are connected by a special closure which allows the sling to be coupled and uncoupled with one hand
  • Sling connector swivels for optimal alignment of the sling sections 
  • Pliable, no-stretch material guarantees constant sling length
  • Optimum connection to the shooter´s jacket
  • No slipping of the sling
  • For right-handed shooters only
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