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Anschutz 22 MAX

Anschutz 22 MAX

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Anschutz 22 MAX

Note: Delivered without front and rear sights 

The new ANSCHÜTZ 22 MAX premium smallbore target rifle was developed with maximum performance in mind. Numerous innovations make this smallbore rifle the master of its class. Featuring a newly developed unique breech mechanism, a high precision concept for bedding the barreled action in the stock and the highest demands on the selection of materials, equals maximum success

Barreled Action - 22 MAX

The worldwide unique bolt system, the bearing block with polymer ball for individual vibration "tuning" of the ANSCHÜTZ precision barrel and the well-known world-class 5018 trigger ensure the smallest groups 

The very light and short firing pin of the 22MAX system guarantees a fast and short locking time. In addition, the firing pin hits the cartridge centrally at the lower case edge, which ensures a uniform ignition of the propellant charge improving overall precision

  • Match grade barrel
  • Equipped with 11mm dovetail rails on the breech and muzzle to allow for the fitting of aperture sights or a scope 
  • Ergonomic detachable bolt handle
  • Bearing block with polymer ball
  • Muzzle extension tube with integrated Scatt rail

Trigger - 5018

ANSCHÜTZ Triggers are known worldwide for their quality. The trigger 5018, which breaks like glass, leaves nothing to be desired. With an adjusted trigger weight of 125g, this trigger leaves our factory in Ulm. The trigger weight can be adjusted from 60g - 490g to suit your individual needs. The trigger blade can be moved, swivelled and adjusted in height. There is nothing better!

Stock - 22 MAX

Innovation is what makes this stock unique! Whether it's the innovative grip connection with memory function, the ergonomic 9° angle of the buttstock for excellent contact of the head with the cheek piece or the many individual adjustment options on the fore-end raiser block, buttplate and cheek piece. This stock is in a class of its own! 

The 22 MAX  aluminium stock is equipped with:

  • Walnut grip with non-slip black coating
  • Trigger guard
  • Hand stop 6226
  • Infinitely variably adjustable cheek piece with coarse and fine indexed adjustments for height and windage
  • Consecutive indexed numbering 
  • Hook Buttplate 22 MAX
    • Adjustable, vertically, horizontally as well as lateral tilt
    • 8 independently adjustable shoulder contact elements
    • Buttplate carrier with quick release fasteners
  • 22 MAX Palm Rest
    • Made of aluminium with non-slip base plate
    • Stepless elevation adjustment
    • Infinitely variable swivel and tilt on both sides of the palm rest
    • Quick adjustment
    • The height of the palm rest can be extended by adding optional additional spacers  

    Grip - with memory feature

    • Walnut grip with non-slip black coating
    • The grip settings are "saved" in the grip connection. Allowing the grip to be removed and replaced without losing the settings
    • The grip can be infinitely rotated, swivelled and moved. This allows an optimal grip setting for every shooter
    • The newly developed grip shape with a grooved inside allows the shooter to bring the rifle even closer to the body when in position
    • Available in right hand only
    • Sizes: Small, Medim and Large (RH only)
    Calibre: .22lr
    Weight: 6.2kg
    Length: 1,200 - 1,250mm
    Sight Line Length: 660 - 1000mm
    Stock Length: 770 - 820mm
    Trigger Weight: 60 - 490g 

    Anschutz Item No
    016682 (small grip)
    016489 (meduim grip)
    016683 (large grip)

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