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Anschutz Forend Raiser Block 22 Max

Anschutz Forend Raiser Block 22 Max

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Anschutz Forend Raiser Block 22 Max

This innovative Anschutz palm rest can be loosened and fixed extremely quickly with the help of the red quick-release fastener with only 1/4 turn for maximum time savings in the 3-position competition. The non-slip base plate and the very compact design of the palm rest can be moved to the right and left as well as to the front and back in order to place the center of gravity as close as possible to the shooter. Another advantage is the maximum flexibility of mounting individual base plates without loosing the wide range of adjustment possibilities. The laterally mounted fine adjustment wheels allow the palm rest to be tilted horizontally and laterally. Optionally the height of the palm rest can be increased by using of spacers, for the perfect shooting position

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