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Anschutz 1913A in BR-50 Walnut Benchrest Stock

Anschutz 1913A in BR-50 Walnut Benchrest Stock

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 Anschutz 1913A in BR-50 Walnut Benchrest Stock 

ANSCHÜTZ has embedded the smallbore 1913 barreled action in a specially developed BR-50 benchrest stock. This combination offers the best basis for maximum precision

Barreled Action - 1913

The ANSCHÜTZ small caliber barreled action for entry into the world of smallbore shooting. Highest precision, solid workmanship, an always even ejection of the empty cartridge cases. This Barreled action offers everything you need for a successful start into the world of smallbore shooting

  • Match grade barrel
  • Equipped with 11mm dovetail rails on the breech and muzzle to allow for the fitting of aperture sights or a scope 

    Trigger - 5018

    ANSCHÜTZ Triggers are known worldwide for their quality. The trigger 5018, which breaks like glass, leaves nothing to be desired. With an adjusted trigger weight of 125g, this trigger leaves our factory in Ulm. The trigger weight can be adjusted from 60g - 490g to suit your individual needs. The trigger blade can be moved, swivelled and adjusted in height. There is nothing better! 

    Stock - BR-50 Walnut Stock

    The BR-50 benchrest stock is made of walnut timber and has been specially developed for benchrest shooting. The natural timber stock is equipped with a very wide and flat fore-end to obtain a maximum contact surface with the front rest. The rubber butt plate 4709A can be adjusted in height and swivelled. This butt plate offers a wide and non-slip contact surface in the shoulder. The grip section of the stock is kept straight to keep the trigger hand always in the same position to the trigger

    Calibre: .22lr
    Weight: 6.2kg
    Length: 1,160mm
    Sight Line Length: 810 - 840mm
    Stock Length: 755mm
    Trigger Weight: 60 - 490g 

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