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Anschutz 54.30/660 Stainless Steel Barrelled Action

Anschutz 54.30/660 Stainless Steel Barrelled Action

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Anschutz 54.30/660 Stainless Steel Barrelled Action

The basis for the development of the Match 54.30 smallbore barreled action is the well-known and proven Match 54 barreled action

  • The ejection window has been moved back by 30mm and reduced in size by 18%. This improves the ergonomics when shooting and increases the stiffness of the case by 33%
  • The bolt and the firing pin were shortened by 30mm
  • The weight of the firing pin has been reduced, thus reducing the lock time with the same force of the firing pin spring
  • The shooting performance is further improved by the newly developed match cartridge bearing
  • The barrel is screwed deeply into the sleeve in order to distribute the tension created in the joint as evenly as possible and over a large area
  • The barreled action can be installed in all stocks that fit the ANSCHÜTZ barreled actions 1907 or 1913
  • Maintenance-friendly and durable overall construction, as usual with ANSCHÜTZ


  • Trigger Type: two stage
  • Trigger adjustment range: 60 - 490g
  • Trigger factory weight: 125g
  • Calibre: .22lr
  • Barrel twist rate: 420mm
  • Barrel - No of grooves: 8
  • Barrel Length: 660mm
  • Muzzle diameter: 24mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Only available in a right handed version 
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