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Anschutz Laser Power IV in ALU Stock - Set

Anschutz Laser Power IV in ALU Stock - Set

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Anschutz Laser Power IV in Aluminium Stock Grip "S" (UIPM code) - Set

The Laser Power rifle with the familiar and time-tested aluminum stock from the ANSCHÜTZ air rifle line offers extensive adjustment options to suit the shooters individual needs

  • All components with direct body contact are made of high-quality walnut
  • The fore-end raiser block 4844 can be swiveled and its height infinitely varied
  • The size "small" walnut grip can be rotated, and the length changed
  • The cheek-piece and butt plate can be individually adjusted to the shooter in various ways

The Laser Power target box is based on the biathlon targets and shows whether you have scored a hit by means of white illuminated target fields. The target box can be operated with a power supply unit or with batteries. This makes it possible to operate the target box outdoors without a power supply, for example. The target reducer can be easily attached to the target box with Velcro and reduces the hit field size from 35 mm to 15 mm in diameter. This ensures even more excitement. The target box can be conveniently controlled with the remote control. The remote control allows you to reset the hits, adjust the brightness of the target fields and switch off the target box 

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