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Freelands Universal Ball Swivel Head Assembly

Freelands Universal Ball Swivel Head Assembly

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Freelands Universal Ball Swivel Head Assembly

The Freeland Ball Swivel Mount utilizes a massive 1.5” swivel ball for maximum holding power (20lbs) enabling you to hold even the heaviest spotting scope with ease. Unlike many other ball swivels on the market the Freeland Ball Swivel has a superior ball clamp design that will not damage or dent the ball. It comes complete with an adjustable metal Arca-Swiss Quick Release System allowing you to quickly remove your scope from the head without utilizing the mounting screw. The Quick Release Plate also allows additional adjustment that helps you achieve ideal scope balance.

Additional features included: level bubble, replaceable 1/4×20 mount, rotation lock knob, ratchet lever on ball control knob for ideal lever orientation.

The Freeland Universal Mount will accept rods from the standard 5/8” all the way up to 1.3”.

The Universal Mount utilizes a channel mounting system which enables you to get 3” of rod gripping power without any slop.

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