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Gehmann 597 Crossover Rearsight Prism

Gehmann 597 Crossover Rearsight Prism

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Gehmann 597 ISSF Crossover Rearsight Prism 

  • Offset rearsight prism for shooters with one defective eye wishing to shoot with the other
  • Completely waterproof with an external lens at either end for water and dust protection
  • Centre to centre sight line displacement of 65mm gives no physical change to the sight picture but does require use of a larger than usual aperture
  • Attachment is direct to a standard 1" sight disc - or if using one of our shorter irises, via 597A - or a longer iris, via 597B
  • A 1" knurled outer ring is used nearest the eye for attaching an eyeshield or eyecup
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