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Gehmann M100 4-Stage Turbo Hand Pump

Gehmann M100 4-Stage Turbo Hand Pump

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Gehmann M100 4-Stage 200 Bar Turbo Hand Pump 

  • New generation patented high-pressure pump with manometer for the filling of compressed air cylinders
  • With a new 4-stage compression system, the M100 is a revised and improved version of the 3-stage M220 pump
  • With special sinter filter
  • Built of robust and corrosion free materials
  • Commence pumping with the 4-stage technique to about 150 bar then change to 3-stage and carry on until your cylinder is up to pressure
  • Switching stages is located between handles
  • 4-stage operation provides 280cc per stroke
  • 3-stage operation provides 210cc per stroke
  • Blue-black
  • Comes with pressure gauge, standard 200 bar 5-thread DIN connector, suitable for all common sporting weapons (e.g. Feinwerkbau, Morini, Steyr, Walther etc.) and condensation bleed valve
  • Air cylinder and weapon specific adaptor are not included
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