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RWS R Plus Long Range .22LR (50)

RWS R Plus Long Range .22LR (50)

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RWS R Plus Long Range


With its innovative projectile design and higher projectile weight, the cartridge is precision-tailored to the specific requirements of long-range shooting. The tapered tail improves the aerodynamics, which in turn leads to a consistently stable trajectory; the adapted weight (2.8g) makes the bullet less sensitive to crosswinds. Together with its high velocity (V0 = 355 m/s), the R Plus Long Range sets a new benchmark for accuracy at distances exceeding 200 metres

If you are looking for an accurate and reliable rimfire cartridge for long-range shooting, then look no further than the RWS R Plus Long Range 

  • New, patented bullet design with pointed base secures stable trajectory at long distances
  • Ideal for shooting distances beyond 200 meters
  • Higher weight for reduced crosswind sensitivity


  • Weight: 43gr
  • Velocity: 1165fps
  • Profile: Round Nose

Pack Sizes Avail

  • Packet 50 rds
  • Brick 500 rds
  • Case 5000 rds
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