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RWS Rifle Match S .22LR (50)

RWS Rifle Match S .22LR (50)

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RWS Rifle Match S


The RWS RIFLE MATCH S is a fast rimfire cartridge for training and competition. Due to its high velocity in the supersonic range, it offers high precision at 50 and 100 m. A real alternative for a weapon with a sensitive barrel. 
Especially suited for biathletes and as training cartridge for RWS R 100 shooters
  • Fast cartridge for competition and practice
  • Supersonic velocity
  • High precision at both 50 and 100 m
  • Alternative for sensitive barrels
  • Practice cartridge to match the R 100


  • Weight: 40gr
  • Velocity: 1132fps
  • Profile: Round Nose

Pack Sizes Avail

  • Packet 50 rds
  • Brick 500 rds
  • Case 5000 rds
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