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RWS Field Kit .177

RWS Field Kit .177

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RWS Field Kit .177


The RWS Field Kit provides an excellent opportunity to test the various types of RWS air pellets for the different areas of field target shooting, silhouette shooting and hunting. All air rifle pellets in the Field Line differ in terms of their design and the shape of their heads. The RWS Field Kit .177 cal lets you test five different air rifle pellets to discover which product best suits your needs.

Contains 1000 air rifle pellets from the FIELD LINE:

  • Box of 200 Superdome 0.54 g
  • Box of 200 Superpoint Extra 0.53 g
  • Box of 200 Super Field 0.54 g
  • Box of 200 Power Ball 0.61 g
  • Box of 200 Supermag 0.60 g
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