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RWS R10 Match .177 0.53g (500 Tin)

RWS R10 Match .177 0.53g (500 Tin)

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RWS R10 Match .177 0.53g (500 Tin)


R10 MATCH pellets are the first choice for the global elite and club shooters determined to optimise their performance. The top quality of the R10 is assured by carefully selected material properties, narrow manufacturing tolerances and professional precision testing. Absolute dimensional accuracy for length and weight are just as important as the smallest, uniform shot groups and clearly punched bullet holes.  


  • Weight: 8.2gr
  • Calibre: .177
  • Head Sizes: 4.48, 4.49, 4.50, 4.51
  • Profile: Flat Head
  • Discipline: Air Rifle

Pack Sizes Avail

  • Packet 500 rds
  • Brick 10 packs
  • Case 50 packs
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