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SCATT MX-02 - is the base model in the SCATT MX - series lineup. With MX-02 you can train at any distance either indoors or at open shooting ranges, in dry fire mode (no-ammo) or in live fire mode, using real ammunition

The key feature of this model is the lack of an electronic target. This means that you will be able to train by simply using a paper target or a standard target installation

This model can work with round black targets on white background, as well as police and biathlon targets

In live fire training you don’t have to worry anymore about damaging expensive electronic equipment with an inaccurate shot. The absence of any light emission from the electronic target excludes any possibility of cross-effect between different training systems. This is particularly relevant for using multiple training systems at a single firing line, e.g. during competitions or qualifications.

  • For indoor/outdoor use*
  • Distance to the target – from 2.5 to 1000m
  • Optical sensor type – wireless / wired (Wi-Fi 2.4 Ghz, 20 Mhz Bandwidth / USB connection)
  • Optical sensor size: 26 x 31 x 52mm
  • Optical sensor weight: 30g
  • Software – SCATT Expert (available for Windows, macOS, Linux and Android)
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty
  • * This equipment is not waterproof and is not intended for use in the rain
  • This system is guaranteed to stay fully functional while using ammunition up to .338 cal

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