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Walther KK500-M Anatomic Green Pepper

Walther KK500-M Anatomic Green Pepper

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Walther KK500-M Anatomic Green Pepper

Thanks to its special technical features, unequalled shooting precision, new trigger and new ergonomic stock, the Walther KK500-M Anatomic is designed primarily for shooters competing at the national and international level. The use of high-grade materials and precise workmanship down to the smallest detail ensure you will have a competition rifle of the highest quality for many years to come

The Walther KK500-M Anatomic high-end precision smallbore rifle features:

  • A 3D grip adjustment with Memory effect
  • Infinitely adjustable fore-end elevation
  • Ball-bearing-mounted Expert match mechanical trigger
  • Ergonomic Green Pepper laminated Anatomic stock with a wide range of settings
  • Slim all-in-one ambidextrous cheek piece with two different contact surfaces
  • Bolt handle and cartridge ejection can be switched without tools for right or left - handed operation
  • Short bolt and breech permit for easy reloading from the firing position
  • MEC hand stop
  • Fully adjustable Expert hook butt plate
  • Insight/Out rear sight and Centra Score front sight
  • Centra Block Club sight elevation – height and laterally adjustable 
  • Available in right handed only
  • Available in medium grip size only

Calibre: .22lr
Weight: 6.0kg
Length: 1,120 1,140mm
Sight Line Length: 640 - 880mm
Trigger Weight: 50 - 130g

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